Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes the things that bring you joy can also bring frustration

Sometimes the things we want in life just are beyond our reach. We can sense them in our reality but are not quiet getting what we want.  Sometimes we struggle and fight and do everything by the book only to discover that we are penny short or a day late for that missed golden opportunity.  This is normal when following your bliss.

Don't give up and don't give in, just take two steps back and regroup and refocus your energy on what you want and what you need to make you happy.  Sometimes things fall into place when we least expect them and other times it feels like an all up hill journey.

Just because something doesn't happen the way you expect it to or when you expect it doesn't mean it won't eventually come to pass.  I have been saving for a new camera.  I did hours upon hours of research. I weighted the pros and cons of each camera scouring over sales papers, reading up on the latest technology, watching video after video of actual usage of the cameras in question.

I made list after list of the things I wanted my dream camera to do and what I could live without.  I watched sales list and spoke with different people regarding when they thought they would go on sale and when they would be available for purchase and still no camera in my hands.

Due to some unforeseen expenses within my household I have had to dip into the funds I have been setting aside each month to purchase my dream camera.  Pushing it back further and further until it once again feels so incredibly far out of my reach.  But I also know that at times making your dreams a reality aren't easy.  Things happen that postpone the thing we want the most.  Unforeseen expenses drain our funds or unexpected events sap our time and energy.

It doesn't mean I am giving up on my dream camera, it actually makes me work harder towards that end goal. It can be very frustrating to have been within 100 dollars of actually having enough to purchase it and now am almost back to square one, but I also know when I am holding it in my hand free and clear with no chance for owing on what I want it will all be worth the wait.

Sometimes the things we want most on this planet seem to keep one step ahead of us.  They tease and taunt us with their mere existence until some days it only seems like a nice dream we had.  But don't give up.  All is not lost simply because your bliss may be harder to reach than other goals and dreams you have  had in the past.  It just means you will appreciate them more for the struggles you had to face in order to accomplish them.

I am still waiting and watching. Planning the day when I can afford once again to make my major purchase, but I am also a realist and I realize that purchasing a new tire for a vehicle, or emergency dental work for my husband, or even a new stove has to take priority in my life and that although my dreams are important that day to day things must take priority in my finances and in my life.

I know that sometimes it sucks when you have to be a grownup and you have to pay bills before you can buy the things that you want or that will bring you happiness. But such is the nature of the beast and is a fact of life.  Sometimes you just want to say forget it and do what you want to do but you must be a realist and you must know that although it would be great to do that there will be repercussions for your actions. If I don't take care of the things I must take care of before my camera then the long term consequences could far outweigh any happiness I will get from my purchase.

My husband tries to be supportive and and I am sure my crabbiness of late hasn't been easy on our marriage but I am lucky in the fact he understands why I am disappointed and why my mood of late has been a little on the sour puss side.  Sometimes those closest to us end up bearing the wrath of our disappointments.  I am trying hard to count my blessings and know that with time I will make this a reality but sometimes it just isn't easy being patient or an adult.

I guess what I want to share in this blog is that is ok to be disappointed, and it ok to sometimes get frustrated by the things we want being just out our grasp.  It is human nature to desire something you cannot have. It is however not right to make others pay for that disappointment when they have done nothing to create the problem.

I am sorry for allowing my disappointment to affect those around me.  I knew it was wrong but alas I am human and as such I do on occasion make mistakes.  I promised myself when I began writing this blog to not only keep it real but to keep it honest. To show not only the bright side of following your bliss but also the downside to wanting something and not being able to get or do it when you desire it.  I wanted to share this portion of my journey in order to give others hope and let them know it is ok when things don't go exactly the way you plan.  It doesn't mean that it won't happen, it just means it won't happen right now.

As long as you are honest with yourself and those you love you will often find peace in that knowledge.  Allow others in your life into your inner sanctum.  Allow them to know what is going on and why you may not be as happy as you may have been in past days. Don't hide your emotions or your feelings away and try to pretend all is fabulous in your life when it isn't.  We all have bad days, and we all experience disappointment from time to time.  It is the way of life and by trying to pretend all is right with your world when it really isn't only means you aren't being true to yourself.

Just try not to let it flow over into other aspects of your life.  Don't make those who support your dreams and goals and pay the price for your own disappointments.  Let them know that something is going on but it isn't anything they have done or not done, it is just a battle you fighting within yourself.  Who knows by letting others know that deeper aspect of yourself you may just find yourself growing a little wiser about yourself and what is truly important to you in the long run.

I hope my words today has given you some food for thought. I also hope that it helps someone who is struggling with making their dream a reality and who are feeling a little disappointed or frustrated to realize that not everything happens on the schedule you work out. Sometimes it may take longer or come in different ways than you anticipate.  But most of all be honest with yourself, and be honest with those in your life and try to be patient.  I often tell people patience is a virtue and I have never been accused of being a virtuous woman.

Until tomorrow blog buddies, stay safe, stay sane and try to stay happy.


  1. i liked this one a lot Jennifer :) thank you!

  2. I am glad if my words have in any way helped or given comfort. I just wanted to make sure to keep my writing from my heart and share what was on my mind. Hopefully others will realize they are not alone in their struggles and find solace in that.