Sunday, January 20, 2013

Knowing your limits in following your Bliss

Sometimes our lives get crazy hectic. Between family obligations, work, school, hobbies, sleep, proper nutrition as well as so many other things that can at times begin to take over our lives it is often hard to follow your bliss.  You may find that between working a 40+ hour workweek and trying to stay on top of current obligations that you cannot squeeze one more single hour into your life per week to pursue the things that make you happy.

There is no sin in realizing your limitations and doing what needs to be done in order to maintain balance.  Things change, projects get finished or seasons pass.  People come and go in your life and your things happen that remove obstacles or lighten work loads.  If you are searching for time to follow your bliss but are coming up short on the time factor don't beat yourself up.  The wonderful thing about following your bliss is sometimes it can be down right difficult to find the time to do the things that are important to you.

Don't stress it, part of being a responsible adult is knowing your own limitations.  There are many ways to follow your bliss that don't require extensive commitment to time or funds.  There is research regarding the subject matter that interest you which often only takes the time you can give as you can give it. Costing nothing to look things up on the internet or visit gatherings of those interested in the thing that interest you.

There is also testing the waters to see if this might be something that could be a good fit for your current life and how you will manage to find the time required to learn a new skill or finish a new project.  Everything comes in its own time and at its own pace.  A dear friend of mine once said if she wanted something but for whatever reason it wasn't the right time for her she would walk away from it. If it is meant to be it will still be there when the time was right for her and if it wasn't, then it wasn't the best choice for her at that time in her life. She has applied this to her life choices for many years and is all the happier for doing it.

Sometimes we get an idea in our head and although at the time it may appear to be the cat's meow and exactly what we need in our lives to make us happy.  When it reality the addition of it to our lives may just complicate our current situation or stress us out further bring no happiness but loads of additional obligations with it that we cannot handle at this point in our lives.  As rational, responsible adults we must understand that although it would be awesome to have all the time in the world and all the funds in the world to follow our dreams at times we have to backshelf those things until the right time comes along.

Now I am not saying never pursue your dreams but have a game plan.  If you know that at this time in your life you are already committed to 4 committees with your local community and 40+ hours per week with your employer, and your kids are needing your undivided attention for whatever reason for the next 6 months, game practice, school events, etc..... Then recognize that those limitations already exist.  And instead of stressing yourself out further by adding additional things onto your plate begin to realize that if you want to follow your bliss you are going to have to start saying No to other projects.  You are going to have to cut back on things you allow to take up your valuable space and time and focus on some things in your life that will make you happy.

I have often been referred to as being over analytical because before making a decision I will go through a process of looking at something from all sides.  How much of a time commitment will this require.  Do I have the expertise to make this a successful project for me?  Am I willing to give 110% for X amount of time in order to master this new skill or to finish this project.  If I cannot honestly answer yes to these questions I do not begin a new project.  I will not be able to finish every project I take on in an allotted time frame nor will every single project I launch into be a raving success but I know if I give all I have to give and it isn't at least I didn't short change it or myself by not trying my best.  I also make a pro and cons list regarding the decision.  If I do this what are the possible long term benefits of doing this, what are the possible negative side effects of taking this action.  If I do this how will it affect those in my life that I love and care for?  Is this the best action for me to take at this point in my life?  If not will this ever be a good option for my life and what would have to change to make that a reality.

Everything comes in its own time and at its own pace.  I have waited decades to pursue some of my personal dreams.  Waiting and researching the subject matter so that when it comes down to the decision to take action I am not only mentally and physically ready for those changes in my life. But also educated and familiar enough with the subject matter that I can speak from an informed place regarding questions I might have and actually be familiar enough with the terminology to stay tuned into the conversations I overhear and know exactly what they are talking about.

Sometimes opportunities arise that we feel are just to good to pass up.  But when the time comes to take advantage of those opportunities we find ourselves stressed and dreading the exact things we have longed for.  Something cannot bring you true bliss if you are finding your plate to full to enjoy it.  Everything happens when it destined to happen.  Sometimes we have to take baby steps towards those goals that we feel will make our life worth while.  Be that doing further research, or just mulling it over in heads and clearing up our busy schedules to make it a reality.

Do not beat yourself up if you have put off another year before putting in that dream garden, or if you have hold off on starting back to school, or even waiting and purchasing small items towards that long term goal of your happiness. Destiny just might surprise you and allow your schedule or finances to free up to help you pursue those dreams and make them a reality, if given enough time to make them happen.  Do not loose site of your goals and dreams, just kick it down a notch and take a realistic look at your life and see what must change in order to make them a reality.

I hope my blog today has given you food for thought. If you have been considering doing something but right now doesn't feel like the perfect time to launch into yet another project see what needs to change in your current life for that to be a possibility.  It is never to late to follow your bliss, nor is it to early to begin the planning phase of following your heart.  Action begins with planning.  Actions can be taken but before that can occur you must take a long hard look at all aspects of your life to ensure that the absolute best possible outcome is what the end result will be.

Until tomorrow blog buddies.  Stay safe, stay sane, and stay happy.

No time left for you: The Guess Who

Sometimes there is no time for the things we believe will bring us happiness until we can make that time never allow your current life to dictate your future happiness.  Look at your current life and make the time you need to pursue your dreams even if that means you have to wait until
the time is right to make that happen.  Once again music is my salvation.

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