Friday, January 4, 2013

Fun things to Try

Ever been stuck in a rut?  Same thing day in day out nothing new or exciting in your life. You want to find your bliss but have no idea where to even begin. Maybe you are just trying to spice up your life a little bit and find something new to try.

Today is Friday and Friday means new things to try and new experiences to have.  If you are stuck in a rut with no relief in sight why not do something different, something a little out of your ordinary comfort zone, something perhaps with your partner or significant other or even just a friend.

Most people think of the average run of the mill things to do, like dinner and a movie, or perhaps a movie at home with popcorn.  I am going to give you a list of things you probably haven't though to try but most are very ecomical and easy to find as close as you nearest larger cities. Some are even available through some of your smaller rural areas as well.  They are google away from being discovered.

Fun Thing to Try:

1.  A cooking class, there are many options on this one some culinary schools offer them as well as many local chefs at some of the finer restaurants offer them it only takes a little digging to discover a hidden jem in your local area.  Some offer singles cooking if you are cooking for one and who knows you might just meet another single in your area you share more in common with than you may realize.  Or make a date night of it and learn to cook your favorite cuisine with your special someone.

2.  Rollerskating, most of rollerskate as young children but often forget the enjoyment we found rolling around the skating rink with a partner or even alone. Some skating rinks have day skating which may be more suitable than night time in which someone who hasn't been on skates in a long time may be more comfortable. I myself am learning to in line skate which I never thought I would do.

3.  Take a walk through a local park or hiking trail.  This might seem like a same old same old but take your camera when you go. Actually stop and enjoy the scenery and take photos of what you see. You never know you may discover you have a gift for photography along the way and learn a little something about nature to boot.

4.  Do a movie marathon, now this isn't as simple as it sounds. First you have to pick the theme for the movies then make a night of it. Include all of your favorite junk foods or healthy snacks depending if you are still on that diet you promised to go on the first of the year, and pick a theme. It can be a series or just a subject matter. For New Years Eve my husband and I did movie marathon instead of being out on the roads with all the police and drunk drivers. We had a blast and it was something we don't do on a regular basis.

5.  Do a scavenger hunt, a scavenger hunt can be anything it doesn't have to be completely insane and although it is difficult to do alone it isn't impossible.  For my honeymoon since my new husband and I were pretty much broke we made up a list of movies we both wanted for our collection of dvds and then went to Pawn Shops with the list in hand. We found many of the titles and the winner got to pick the first movie watched during our movie marathon to follow.

6.  Take a dance class, now this can be any style of dance that has captured your imagination.  If you have always dreamed of being on stage for swan lake many dance studios offer beginner lessons for adults.  Ir you have dreamed of gliding across the dance floor with you special someone then take a ballroom dance class together. If you are alone but would learn that is ok too many dance classes are mandatory that you bring you own partner and offer open dances after their classes for practice your new skills as well as showing off you new mastered moves.

7.  Get a massage.  Many of the local massage institutions offer low cost massage options, you can go unwind and allow someone to knead the knots out of your back and shoulders.  If you prefer a couples retreat for the day you can often find these through local spas that offer special packages for him and her or even her and her or him and him.

8.  Have your picture made, now to many this might sound a little expensive because many photo studios charge an outrageous amount to do photo work. But if you do a little digging you can often find an inspiring photographer who is building a portfolio through the local art school. This might be your chance to actually have that killer head shot you have been wanting for networking site profile picture.

9.  Try a new local restaurant, many times the true hidden jems in an area are the Mom and Pop places off the beaten track who aren't owned by a global giant. Take a walk on the wild side and check one out. My husband and I found the absolute best BBQ we had ever had in a little hole in the wall place we had passed many times but never stopped in before. The food just might surprise you as well as the fact that often times the people working there have a vested interest in customer service and quality food.  If you go back or tell your friends it helps them grow their business and it also keeps your money local.

10.  See a play, many of us have seen the plays put on by our kids at their schools, or even attended plays when we were children as field trips. But when is the last time you actually went to an adult play and sat and got lost in the story?  Many local theaters put on seasonal productions as well as put out calls for those interested in joining the arts.  You never know you might discover that enjoy being part of the theater, and if not it is still stepping outside your comfort zone for an evening.

I hope these 10 things gave you some ideas for something new and exciting to try in your life.  I am including a site I found with 47 more to try or just think about. Who knows you just might find you bliss during one of these stepping outside your normal comfort zone.

47 Cheap, Fun things to do this weekend

I hope my blog today finds you well, I am proud to report we have broken the 200 views in less than two weeks of blogging.  That was my first goal set for the new year accomplished.  I am hoping to have 1,000 by the end of the first 6 months.  That lets me know that not only are people reading my blog but they are also telling their friends.  I hope that my journey of self discovery and finding my bliss motivates others to do the same. Even if it small things it is still a big difference in your life.  Do something special for yourself this weekend. Take time to take care of yourself. You will be a far happier and healthier person for it.

This week I am taking a class in brewing beer, I am not a huge beer drinker but I love to step outside my comfort zone every now and again and shake things up.  I went today and purchased the materials I would need after finding someone who teaches a class and tomorrow morning I am going to learn to brew my own beer. My darling husband will be reaping the rewards from this out of my comfort zone experience, but I am enjoying the new challenge and the chance to expand my knowledge. I found my teacher through a friend on facebook. She heard I wanted to learn and had a friend who gave classes for free. All I had to buy was the materials needed and some basic equipment most of which I already had.  And so tomorrow I am going to try something different and do something new.  I hope my bravery reminds everyone that you are never to old to learn a new skill.

Until Tomorrow, Stay safe, stay sane and stay happy.

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