Friday, March 22, 2013

When you Finally get what you want

Today my camera arrived. The one I have been dreaming off, drooling over and researching to no end. I know I have driven those around me crazy with "here watch this video" or "ohhh they have the same camera only cheaper I could afford to get the better lens for it."  I have researched many different cameras on the market. Making a list of what I wanted and what I needed and what would be nice to have. I set a budget for what I was comfortable spending and began saving for it.

I have had a few setbacks along the way, unexpected medical bills that hit us out of nowhere and we needed my preciously hoarded funds to meet them. Necessity overruling wanting.  I also knew that there is a time and season for everything and that I needed to wait until the right moment to make my investment to get the most bang for my buck.  Because I didn't run out and buy the first camera to catch my eye when it caught my attention I was able to learn all I could about the the camera I decided on.

Now comes the fun part, learning how to use it and taking all the incredible shots I have been dreaming of.  Now I have had a perfectly functional point and shoot that I paid 100 dollars for on clearance that did what I needed it to do.  It took pictures of the important moments in our lives.  But many times I spent hours working in a digital darkroom cropping, lightening and trying to save those truly important moments in the absolute best framing possible.

I do not regret waiting almost 6 months to make this investment and the test I went through I think made me appreciate it all the more. Sometimes our bliss doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes we have to work and struggle and fight for what we want out of this life. Sometimes just about when we are about to give up hope something will happen and our bliss will magically appear in our hands or in our lives.

Right now is a really busy time in my life.  I am raising chicks to add to our home flock of laying hens, as well as 5 ducklings.  I am planting like crazy because it turns out there is a shortage of individuals who can raise a plant from a seed and I actually found someone who will purchase my surplus plants to help support my other passions, my animals.

I am also back in college finishing up my degree and struggling with scheduling because some days there just isn't enough hours in the day for all the things I want or need to get done.  I have also been sick and actually had to take a sick day which for me is very rare, but sometimes you body says OK we aren't going to fight this if you keep pushing us the breaking point.

But all in all I can honestly say I am closer than I have ever been to my bliss.  I am getting there one small step at a time.  I am still fighting the good fight for the dogs I love.  Recently our state decided that they were going to try and pass some legislation that created issues for those who have a particular type of dog.  I was right there in the foxholes fighting along side those who love these dogs and refuse to allow them to legislated into extinction in our state.

I have waiting and planned and dreamed of things that are still outside my reach but with each passing day they get closer because I truly want them bad enough to make it happen.  I don't rest on my past victories I take note of them and press forward, ever learning and evolving into the creature I was born to be.

I have had some failures and setbacks, yes.  But all in all I have found that if I am persistent enough and patient enough that with time all that I want will come to me, just sometimes I have to work a little harder at obtaining them. If they do not come to me when I want them there is more often than not a reason. Perhaps I am not ready to experience that happiness, or maybe I wouldn't appreciate them the way I will a few more months down the line. I guess what I am trying to say is don't give up.

Just because your bliss isn't falling into your lap doesn't mean with time and dedication it won't. Sometimes you just gotta fight a little harder. You gotta try a little more creatively, or you have to want it bad enough.  Sometimes thing fall into place when you least expect them to or things fall apart when you least expect them to.  I have learned that during this journey first hand.  But just because something does work out this time or every time you have tried it in the past doesn't mean it won't. It just means the universe is testing to see how badly you truly want it.

I know everyone finds their bliss in different ways. For some it might be a goal of having enough money to never stress over bills again. For another it may be to lose those stubborn 10 lbs that you just cannot seam to shed. For some it is simple things like enjoying a cup of coffee with a loved one while sitting on an old porch watching a beautiful sunset together. Every individual has their own dreams and ideals and no one should ever knock another persons dreams or goals.  Who are they to say what is worthy of being a dream and what is worthy of someone else's time and attention.

So today I leave you with this thought.  If you could do anything on this planet and it would make you blissfully happy, what would that be?  Why aren't you taking active steps to make that a reality?  Even if it is nothing more than in the planning stage. Trying to figure out what needs to happen in order to bring that dream into your reality.  Never give up and never give in when it comes to your dreams.  Only you can say what is truly worth the effort you put forth to make them your reality.

Until next time blog buddies, stay safe, stay sane and be happy.
One of the incredible shots taken with my new camera. Beauty is all around you if you will only take the time to look and appreciate it.  I have been dying to capture some photographs of our peach tree in bloom. I finally am getting the chance to do that.  I am amazed at nature in all her wonder that even when the temperatures here are in the 20's she still finds a way to struggle through and show her beauty to those willing to look.


  1. Love your story and the shot!! Keep sharing the beauty and your beauty! Dawn

  2. Thank you Dawn for you kind words and am glad you are enjoying the blog. Writing is a passion of mine that I have indulged in from time to time and it is always nice when others appreciate my passions. To me writing is like breathing, something that I have to do in order to survive and be truly happy.