Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Inspires Me

I have had several people tell me that my bravery to overcome obstacles and my bravery for wanting to enjoy my life have inspired them. Either to put themselves out there and share their gifts, or to do that one thing that they have always wanted to try but were to afraid of what others might think if they tried it and failed. Or even sometimes to just start that internal journey of evaluating their own souls and finding what brings them their own personal bliss.

But for every person who has told me I inspire them there are just as many who ask who inspires me. So today I want to share a couple of links to some amazing people and their blog sites or vlog sites and show others those who truly have helped me become the person I am becoming with each and every passing day.

People who have decided that surviving is not living and have decided that following their own bliss is something that has value not only for themselves but also for their own personal journey.  People who I follow or who I watch and listen to. People who have helped me clear the fog often surrounding my brain and helped me see clearer regarding what is reality and what is fear based. The fear based and only holding me back from the things I enjoy and living the life I was born to live.  Or in the immortal words of Star Trek, Fear is only created to be overcome.

I have written about overcoming obstacles in your daily lives.  How sometimes those obstacles help us grow and become wiser and stronger for the journey ahead. But I also feel it is important to understand what is behind my desire to find my own personal bliss and to helping me with the road map of my journey that often remains a mystery for those without a network of friends and family or mentors that can guide you along the way.

First I want to mention Dawn Kirk,  this amazing lady although I have never met in person I have spoken with several times via the internet as well as I read her blog and watch her vlogs.  I am amazed at how strong she is even in the face of adversity and never gives up, even when most would say I am not making a difference and stop trying.  I will include a link to her sites below.

Dawn Kirk Imagine the shift Vlog Site

Dawn Kirk Imagine the Shift Blog Site

Dawn Kirk Facebook page for Imagine the Shift

Another amazing woman I have had the pleasure of knowing offline as well as reading her blog and always enjoying the many recipes and advise she shares in them is Lady Feri. Now that isn't her birth name but it is the name she writes under and is known by, She is a wonderfully strong and courageous woman who has taught me over the multitude of years that I have known her how to grab life by the horns and live it to the fullest. I personally do not think this woman is afraid of anything.  She is self employed success who goes where she wants, does what she wants and follows her own personal bliss on a daily basis.  She has inspired me to be braver to to take chances when they present themselves in my life in order to expand my horizons and live the life I was born to live.

Help by Lady Feri

Another less public person but just as important is a volunteer with our canine Rescue, Rose Burrow. She is our Director of Creative Arts.  That title means that she is our go to girl for handling anything having to do with PR or artwork or even fundraising.  She is an amazing person who has taught me to embrace my wild side and instead of hiding my head in the sand to actually go for it when my dreams need to become a reality.  She is my friend as well as my coworker and the editor of an online magazine called White Gloves and Latex Gauntlets.  This publication showcases local talent and what is going on within the artist community.  She has been a close friend and a sister by another mother to me for almost half a decade now and I am very thankful to not only have her guidance but to also to borrow her own personal strength from time to time.

White Gloves and Latex Gauntlets Facebook page

Another female that has inspired me whether she realizes it or not and is rather adult in nature is a website known as the twisted Broad. She is never afraid to address issues that others may shy away from. Sharing her knowledge and her experiences in hopes of encouraging others to take a walk on the wild side, or just communicate with those in their lives in hopes of improving the quality of life of her readers. She has a blog and a vlog sites and I adore watching her new videos or even just reading her status updates. 

Twisted Broad Youtube channel

Twisted Broad Facebook page

Another person who inspires me and makes me strive to be a better happier person is Dawn Spalding and her charming husband Adam.  They have even in these tough economic times started their own business and are working together as a team to make it a success. Their company cleans aquariums and I have known Dawn for many years prior to them beginning their company and she has always been the most honest straight shooting person I have known.  She inspires me because through it all she has taught me that true love, not the hollywood kind of love but a real partnership between two people can survive anything and that if you want something bad enough you have to work your butt off to make it happen.  She is an amazing person and she is one of the many intelligent people who motivate me to be the best I can be and to stretch myself to accomplish what I want out of this life.

The Aquarium Nerds Facebook Site

Another amazingly strong person who inspires me is Carolyn Dickerson, she runs a website called Look great, lose weight, and save money.  Her website is filled with tips and tricks on how to look your best and feel your best even when you are operating on a budget. I enjoy watching her vlogs and reading her latest articles. To me she is a super woman. 

Look great, Lose Weight, Save Money Website

Carolyn Dickerson Channel on Youtube

I have also been inspired by many people within my family who I admire their strength and courage. My youngest daughter Patricia Drach is very young but still an inspiration to those who know her.  She began her own photography site and is working towards making her dreams a reality.

Patricia Drach Photo facebook site

My middle daughter Amber Kolaski has written and self published her first book.  To me that is an amazing demonstration of determination to make her dream of being a writer a reality. She juggles the many responsibilities in her life with her dreams and goals and has a never give up mentality about it.  As well as publishing a blog sharing her insights and experiences as being a mom of multiples and learning to multitask on several different levels.

Fire Riders by Amber Kolaski

Amber Kolaski Blog Site

I am blessed to have surrounded myself with amazing and intelligent people.  I have chosen wisely when deciding who I would allow within my inner circle of friends to only pick those who not only understand my desire to be more than I am today but to encourage me to be all that I am capable of being.  There are many others that I draw inspiration from but most of those people are very private and don't feel the need to share their gifts with websites or blog sites or even a vlog or two.  I truly appreciate those as well.  But this handful of folks are just a sampling of the amazing people I share my life with and get my inspiration from. 

Sometimes it may simply be something said in a passing conversation, or perhaps it is watching them overcome obstacles and issues that would cripple the average person and stalemate their desires to reach their end goal.  But I draw inspiration from a wide variety of people and a very wide variety of places. From the television shows I choose to watch through the books I choose to read.  I don't allow negative people to limit my abilities nor do I allow them to feed off my creative energies.

If you want something you have to work at it, that includes being happy.  You have to decide what is in your best interest and in the best interest of those you include in your circle of friends.  You have to take an active participation in your life and in the choices you make or you will always be at the mercy of those around you.  I have learned that life lesson from watching these amazing people and many like them.

I am pretty sure that many of my readers thought when I labeled this blog What Inspires me that I would mention famous people or religious groups. I am inspired by those around me who are just like me, who do what they have to do and deal with the ups and downs of living a real life. Who plug away day after day pursuing their dreams and following their own bliss.  Who are role models for me to watch and learn from.  Who in my eyes are living the life I want to live and helping me figure out exactly how to go about doing that.

I hope my blog today has given you some food for thought. I hope that you click on one or more of the sites I have shared and see if perhaps these folks can help inspire you as well.  That you take each day for what it is a gift because our time on this planet is not guaranteed and  if you put off following your bliss until you have more time, more money, or more knowledge many times that day never arrives.  You don't have to be rich or famous to inspire people, you don't even have to be the best of the best. If you are out there living that dream, showing others that it is a doable thing. Many times they will join you on that journey and even help you learn first hand what works and what doesn't.

Until next time blog buddies, stay safe, stay sane and be happy.

I learn a lot from the dogs I share my life with.
They have taught me that there is nothing on this planet that cannot be solved with a nap and a full belly.  They have also taught me that when life gives you an opportunity for happy experiences you should grab it with all you have and hold on to that happiness. If it is a run in the yard or a nap on the sofa. To live in this moment, but to dream of next week and to always be as happy as possible.

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