Saturday, February 9, 2013

Its Never to late to live Happily Ever After

My desktop picture that motivates me isn't a picture of my family or my dogs. It isn't a picture of a waterfall of a beautiful sunset. It is a saying that reminds me every time I turn on my desktop that It is never to late to live Happily ever after. 

Some people would say that this only applies to a relationship.  I say this applies to learning to not only love your life but also to loving yourself.  If you love yourself you hold others to a higher standard in how they treat you and how they act around you.  To me at least this says I may not be a spring chicken but I am worthy of living a life that has quality in it.  I haven't been writing as often as I would like but there is a reason. I would rather put out blogs of quality over churning out many that aren't worthy of reading. I am odd like that.

I would rather share things that I feel are important with those who read my blog and share the things in my life that bring me happiness and joy, or things that challenge me, than to write every day about things that just mundane or downright boring.  And so today I felt I had something to share.

Happily Ever after many times puts people in the mind set of Fairy Tales.  But fairy tales weren't always the happy stories we tell our children.  Once upon a time they were scary stories told by parents to make their children fear the unknown.  If you have ever read the original stories you know what I mean.  Life is a lot like those fairy tales.  It can be scary and overwhelming and something that goes bump in the night. Or it can be an amazing journey of discovery and growth.  The choice is really yours.

And it doesn't matter if you 21 or 81 it is never to late to live Happily Ever After.  When I first saw this picture I thought to myself that it meant that you were meant to find your soulmate and ride off in the sunset with them.  But now after several months I see this and think I am my own happily ever after.  Relationships can change.  They can evolve into something you don't recognize after many years or decades together. People change and evolve, or they stagnate and become dull and lifeless.  But if you are your own happily ever after you can change the ending to your own story.  You can make a life that you want to live and that you want to share with others.

Even if you have spent the last 60 years of your life living a life for others and doing what society has deemed to be the norm, it doesn't mean you cannot start changing that today.  You can learn to love yourself with all your faults and flaws, pimples and dimples and simply live your own Happily Ever After. 

I know many people who feel that they will never get that storybook ending because they haven't found Mr or Mrs Right.  They spend so much of their time and energy looking for that perfect person they often forget that in order to bring love into your life you have be the kind of person that a good person would want to be with.  They forget that a pretty face and a pretty body changes with time, but a beautiful soul is timeless.  That someone who is truly happy in their own skin attracts other like minded people to them and finds themselves surrounded by those who appreciate all they have to offer and know what a blessing they truly are.

Never allow the mistakes of your past to dictate who you will become in the future.  Never allow what you see as limitation to prevent you from following your dreams and making them a reality.  There are many people out there who have physical and mental limitations that others would say why bother trying that still do what they need to in order to be truly happy. Often times finding strength in overcoming those limitation.

Nick Vujici was born without arms or legs but he does not allow his physical limitations to prevent him from following his mission on this planet. He preaches about overcoming adversity to young people and the masses.  He skydives and lives a life worth living.  He is an inspiration regardless of your religious beliefs.  He is living a life worth living.

Christopher Renfro battles with a mental illness but creates amazing pieces of art using moving lights and slow shutter speeds. His work is legendary and amazing to witness. In an era of digital dark room photography this artist uses his environment to create one of a kind shots.

A trick of the light

Christopher Renfro Photograhy

Make any limitations you may encounter help you to become stronger and more determined to achieve your long term goal.  Even if along the way it may give you additional mountains to climb or speed bumps to get past.  Life is to short to be miserable. Embrace your dream and life a life worth living.

At times everyone's life is hard, things happen people come and go from our lives. Bills come in and money gets tight and we all have our dark days. But having something you are passionate about will help those days and times pass that much quicker.  It will help you remain focused on what you want out of life and give you motivation to go after it no matter what challenges have to be faced and conquered to make it happen.

You are never to young or to old to live a life well lived. None of us have a promise of tomorrow.  At any time we could lose our life, how do you want to be remembered.  There is a line in Steel Magnolias that I adore.  "I would rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special".

I like to think I have taken many of the incredible lines written by those who came before me and mapped out my life by those wise words.  If I die tomorrow those I leave behind know that I lived the life I chose not the life I was assigned.  They will also know I didn't wait until I was diagnosed with some terminal disease to begin truly living my life.  I follow my bliss and I highly recommend others do the same. Why you may ask, because life is way to short to be miserable and you should grab it with both hands and make it yours every chance you can.

I hope my words today have inspired you to begin your own journey of self discovery and to go after what makes you happy.  Nothing worth having in this life comes easy, we all have struggles and obstacles to overcome. It isn't the problems you face that define you, it is how you overcome them that dictates the person you will become.  See challenges as the Universes way of  asking how truly important is this to you?  If you want it bad enough you will find a way to overcome it. If you cannot go through it, you go around around it, if you cannot go around it you go over it or under but you must find a way to get to the other side.  You must not give up or you will never find that bliss that many of us seek.

Until Tomorrow Blog Buddies, Stay safe, stay sane, and be happy.

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